Texas Rental Agreement Act

The Texas country lord, Tenant Laws, is in effect to legislate and legislate for the rental of residential real estate. The statutes are mainly defined in the Texas Property Code Title 8, Chapter 92. Other statutes appear in other chapters, such as. B Chapter 24, which deals with deportation measures. Laws protect landlords and administrators as well as tenants. The laws explain the rights and obligations of both parties when a landlord-tenant relationship is established in the state of Texas, and provide remedies for offences. Texas is also expanding and granting certain powers as part of additional measures. Your lease is the primary source of information about your rights and obligations as a tenant, so be sure to read it carefully before signing it. You`ll find that Texas legislation gives tenants of rental housing fundamental rights to ensure their health, safety and security and protect them from discrimination.

Knowledge of these rights can help tenants determine whether their rights have been violated and, if so, take steps to defend themselves. Section 92.102 of the Texas Property Code describes the surety as „any down payment of money, with a rental application deposit or a prepayment of rent, which is primarily intended to ensure the performance under a rental contract of an apartment entered into by an owner and tenant.“ The security deposit provides the owner with an additional guarantee, as some of it is sometimes retained for reasons. B, for example, if the tenant cleared the property before the end of the rental period or if the property is damaged. This damage must result in actual harm, as no part of the deposit may be withheld for the circumstances under the property code section 92.104 (b) which states that „the owner must not withhold part of a deposit to cover normal wear and tear.“ Everyone deserves to live in a dignified way that implies that the terms of your lease are honored by your landlord. In exchange, you are also expected to follow the rules. If you have a dispute related to your rental agreement, you should consider a free legal assessment of your situation by a Texas real estate lawyer.